Multiple Housing Laundry

Multiple Housing Commercial Laundry Room

Multiple Housing Commercial Laundry Room - Multiple Housing Commercial Laundry Room

Stack up on solutions with equipment from Pierce Commercial Laundry Distributors.

Let’s face it — running a laundry facility can be a challenge. But Pierce Commercial Laundry Distributors (Pierce) can help make your job easier. Pierce always purchases the latest most efficient products for all its laundry applications. And, our staff is always researching new and improved applications to help our customers save money and get the most out of their laundry facilities.

What’s more, you have the hassle-free benefit of equipment that’s owned and maintained by Pierce, your professional Maytag, Huebsch, Primus and Whirlpool laundry supplier. Pierce has been involved in the revenue share market since it started in the coin laundry business 20 years ago. Pierce will provide regular, accountable collections and share the revenue with you – so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule. And you can count on Pierce to keep the equipment running right with fast, efficient service.

For property managers who wish to handle their own laundry facilities, Pierce Commercial can help you select the right equipment for your residents. Lease and purchase options are available, and factory direct in-unit appliances are also available.

Pierce belongs to the National Apartment Association, as well as all local Apartment Associations in our territories. As members of these associations we are kept aware of the ever changing multi-housing environment. Our company attends local product showcases in an effort to listen to our market and see what they desire in new trends for their residents.

From stacked units that make the most of minimal space, energy-efficient top-load washers preferred by coin laundry operators, or front-load washers that can cut your utility costs in half, Pierce has the right solutions for your facility.

In fact, Pierce can help with everything from laundry room planning to setup and installation. It's a full service laundry solution you can depend on.